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What is CBT?

Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is a treatment that helps individuals learn how to recognize and change unhelpful patterns of thinking and behavior, and to manage their negative emotions. CBT is an evidence-based treatment which has been supported by decades of scientific research. It is often a short-term treatment that is focused on learning and applying coping skills for managing mental health issues and daily life.

What is group CBT?

CUCARD provides cognitive behavioral group therapy for anxiety, mood and related disorders. During treatment, patients typically participate in small groups of approximately 5-7 people for 90-minute sessions. Groups are mixed gender and are available for a variety of ages including children, adolescents, college students, young adults, and adults. Each group is short term, often lasting for 12-16 weeks. Group treatment is available for a variety of anxiety disorders, social skills, and mood disorders, and builds upon many of the skills learned in individual CBT. Group CBT is particularly effective for individuals who are experiencing difficulty with social anxiety disorder or have other issues occurring in social contexts.

What is the difference between trainees and senior staff?

Our trainees are completing specialized training in the treatment of anxiety and related disorders. These include Clinical Externs who are Masters-level doctoral candidates and Clinical Postdoctoral Fellows who have completed doctoral training and are satisfying requirements for licensure in New York State. Trainees are not independently licensed and are directly supervised by senior staff. Some insurance providers may not reimburse you for services offered by non-licensed providers. We recommend contacting your insurance provider to determine parameters of reimbursement that may or may not apply.

CUCARD's senior staff includes New York Stated licensed doctoral clinicians who have completed advanced training in CBT and the treatment of anxiety and related disorders. Our senior staff includes clinical psychologists as well as psychiatrists.

Does CUCARD prescribe/manage meds?

We have a full-time psychiatrist on site who provides psychiatric diagnostic services, prescriptions and medication management, and consultation.

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