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Child and Adolescent Services at CUCARD

Comprehensive Diagnostic Evaluation

All child and adolescent patients receive a comprehensive intake assessment before they begin treatment. This process, which includes a diagnostic evaluation and a battery of empirically validated assessment measures, facilitates the development of the most effective, personalized treatment plan. For children and teens, the comprehensive diagnostic evaluation involves two basic components:

  1. An initial interview is usually conducted conducted over one 2-hour session one 1-hour session: one with parents, one with the child or adolescent. During this process our expert clinicians carefully assess anxiety and mood issues, screen for other mental illnesses, and determine the degree of impairment in daily functioning
  2. A battery of self-report questionnaires is administered to complement the results of the clinic interview and provide important insight into the presence of additional symptoms and areas of functioning

In select cases, the initial assessment can include an in-home or school observation to facilitate treatment planning.

Comprehensive Treatment Programs

Following the diagnostic evaluation, the clinician will conduct a feedback session, during which potential patients and their parents are offered the following:

Treatment recommendations may involve referrals to one of our programs, or referral to another specialist when appropriate.

Our psychosocial treatments are based on cognitive-behavioral principles and involve several key components, including teaching patients and parents about the causes, consequences, and maintaining factors associated with anxiety and related problems, how to manage these symptoms and cope with challenging situations, and build skills to improve daily functioning and overall quality of life.

Where indicated based on individual patient needs, our staff psychiatrists offer psychiatric consultation for second opinions, evaluation of patient status, and medication treatment. Our psychiatrists are available to treat patients who may initiate or continue medication treatment.

Recommendations may include: