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Launching our summer College Readiness group therapy program for emerging adults with anxiety

Summer College Readiness Group Therapy Program for Emerging Adults with Anxiety

The Columbia University Clinic for Anxiety and Related Disorders (CUCARD) is pleased to announce the start of our summer cognitive behavioral groups in the NYPH Youth Anxiety Center (YAC) for young adults (ages 18-28) with anxiety disorders.

Groups are part of our Launching Emerging Adults Program (LEAP) and include:

Skills are presented in a group exposure-based approach to reduce anxiety and increase self efficacy and independence in managing anxiety-provoking and developmentally challenging situations (e.g. interviews, advocating for one's self, dating, meeting new people, assertiveness, speaking with persons in authority).  Exposures are conducted in session but also in the community and real settings where the challenges occur.

This group is short term (4-6 weeks) and will meet two or three times per week.  Our summer College Readiness groups will be available starting in June.  Groups are led by our YAC staff at CUCARD.

We welcome active collaboration with current care providers in developing realistic goals and objectives.  Separate parent-young adult "transitition sessions" are offered to promote independence and address family concerns.

Please contact the Youth Anxiety Center Program Coordinator, Evan Alvarez, via phone: 212-246-0481, email: ealvare@nyspi.columbia.edu, or online inquiry.