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Remote Young Adult Social Anxiety Group

Group Therapy Program for Young Adults with Social Anxiety

The Columbia University Clinic for Anxiety and Related Disorders (CUCARD) is offering a Summer group for young adults (ages 18-28) with social anxiety. 

Groups are run by clinic director Dr. Blake Zakarin and will meet remotely on Wednesdays evenings.


CBGT is a goal-directed and semi-structured therapy. The groups involve:

· Education about the nature of anxiety and cognitive behavioral therapy

· Developing individualized treatment goals for each participant

· Building and reinforcing social skills as well as problem solving skills

· Assertiveness training

· Training in identification and challenging of maladaptive thought patterns

· Exposure to personally relevant anxiety-provoking situations and scenarios in a supportive setting

· Assistance with important life transitions


Please call the Intake Coordinator at CUCARD, Devon Seelig, at 212-342-0951 to sign up or make a referral.