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Intensive Young Adult Group

Group Therapy Program for Young Adults with Social Anxiety: Intensive Group during August

The Columbia University Clinic for Anxiety and Related Disorders (CUCARD) is pleased to announce an intensive cognitive behavioral therapy group for young adults (ages 18-28) with social anxiety. This group is ideal for young adults who have been experiencing distress or interference in functioning due to anxiety.

-Groups are part of our Launching Emerging Adults Program (LEAP) and include:
•         Skill development in identification and correction of maladaptive thought patterns
•         Methods for management of somatic symptoms of anxiety
•         Skills training and education to negotiate important life transitions
•         Social and assertiveness skills
•         Strategies for regulating emotions and stress levels

All the above is presented in a group exposure-based approach to reduce anxiety and increase self efficacy in managing anxiety-provoking and developmentally challenging situations (e.g., job/college interviews, dating, assertiveness).  Exposures are conducted in session but also in the community and real settings where the challenges occur.

This group will be a two week intensive group that will meet daily starting in early August.  Groups are led by our staff and are part of the Youth Anxiety Center of NYP.

We welcome active collaboration with current care providers around goals and objectives.  

Please contact the Group Coordinator Schuyler Fox via phone 212-342-1066 or email Schuyler.fox@nyspi.columbia.edu.