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High School Social Anxiety Group 2019

Evening Adolescent Social Anxiety Group

The Columbia University Clinic for Anxiety and Related Disorders (CUCARD) is pleased to offer cognitive behavioral group therapy for adolescents ages 14-17 who have difficulty in social situations (e.g. making new friends, participating in class) due to anxiety, avoidance, and fear of being negatively evaluated by others. Cognitive Behavioral Group Therapy for Adolescents (CBGT-A) is an evidence based program developed by CUCARD Director Dr. Anne Marie Albano and colleagues. 

The group will meet one evening per week for 10-12 weeks.

Groups focus on:

-Education about the nature of anxiety and cognitive behavioral therapy

-Building skills for social communication, assertiveness, and problem solving

-Cognitive re-framing to challenge anxious thoughts

-Exposure exercises to reduce and learn to cope with anxiety in social situations

Adolescents learn to:

-Create concrete social goals

-Cope with the physical symptoms of anxiety

-Identify and challenge unhelpful thinking

-Use problem-solving and assertiveness skills in social situations

-Use feedback to build social skills

Please contact the Group Coordinator, Schuyler Fox, for more information at (212)-342-1066 or Schuyler.Fox@nyspi.columbia.edu