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Launching Kindergarten-Ready Program in July 2017

The Program for ADHD and Disruptive Behavior is excited to announce a new summer program to help set emerging Kindergarteners up for success.


Kindergarten-Ready Camp!

This 4-week day camp will prepare your emerging Kindergartener to:

·        Listen to teacher instructions

·        Transition from activities quickly

·        Regulate emotions and activity level in the classroom

·        Improve cooperative play

·        Overcome shyness and school-related fear

The Kindergarten-Ready Camp uses evidence-based approaches, including:

·        Positive reinforcements throughout the camp day

·        Teacher-child Interaction Therapy (TCIT) strategies

·        Social skills training

·        Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) to improve school-related fears

·        Weekly parent training meetings to help manage disruptive home behavior


Location:    CUCARD at 3 Columbus Circle

Dates:           July 10th - August 4th


The camp is intended for emerging or repeating Kindergarteners with mild to moderate disruptive classroom behavior. It is led by Dr. Vasco Lopes, senior clinical psychologist at CUCARD and coordinator of the Program for ADHD & Disruptive Behavior. For more information, contact our referral line at 212-342-0951.