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Summer Phobia Intensives for Kids and Teens

Does your child have an intense fear of dogs? Insects? Heights? Thunderstorms? Needles?

Summer break is an excellent time for children and teenagers to face their fears without the added demands of the school year.

Cognitive-behavioral therapy is short-term treatment that helps individuals overcome their phobias using evidence-based strategies.


This program offers:

A comprehensive initial evaluation with an anxiety specialist

Education on skills for coping with anxiety and reducing the likelihood of fainting

Gradual exposure to fears while practicing coping skills, all with the guidance and support of a clinician

Exposure practice may include an intensive, one-time session (approximately 3 hours) or shorter regular meetings


This specialty program is led by Dr. Kristin Kunkle, a licensed clinical psychologist at The Columbia University Clinic for Anxiety and Related Disorders (CUCARD), a ColumbiaDoctors clinic located at 3 Columbus Circle (Broadway between 57 Street and 58 Street), Suite 1425.


For more information, please contact Yael Warach, CUCARD's Program Coordinator, at 212-342-0951.