School Consultation

Anxiety issues are common in school-aged children. Often, teachers and school personnel are the first to recognize problematic anxiety in a child, as anxiety may interfere with the child's level of comfort in class and other school settings, with peer relationships, and in the child's ability to profit from their educational experiences. Complaints of headaches or stomach aches, frequent requests to visit the nurse or to call home, difficulty separating from parents, preferring to stay alone during recess and lunch periods, the need to be "perfect" along with excessive anxiety over grades, and tears or the need for frequent reassurance may be signs of anxiety in children and adolescents.

The Columbia University Clinic for Anxiety and Related Disorders is pleased to announce workshops for teachers, guidance counselors, and school social workers.

This workshop provides an overview of the signs of anxiety in children and adolescents, along with offering strategies to school personal for providing feedback to parents and ways to manage anxiety in the classroom. Participants will learn how to:

  • Identify anxiety symptoms in children and adolescents
  • Talk to students about anxiety
  • Develop strategies to reduce anxiety during the school day
  • Talk to parents about their anxious child

If your school is interested in setting up a workshop with our psychology staff please call Dr. Sandra Pimentel at (212) 246-5740